Jody Martin

Head Office
Marketing Admin

Say hello to Jody! If her face looks familiar, it's because she used to be with our Franchise Sales team, working her magic on outbound marketing through LinkedIn. With a BA in Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Jody's got both smarts and heart. She's done some amazing work in the Autism Spectrum Disorders field, especially for kiddos.

But there's more to Jody than meets the eye. She has successfully run a catering business from her kitchen for the past 20+ years, and she's been the go-to person for school committees, often rubbing elbows with their Marketing squads. Now, with her own kids nearing the end of their school journey, she's jumping back into the mix, all geared up to sprinkle her unique flavour into our Marketing team. So glad she's with us!

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