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Appliance Installation/Removal Services

Once you’ve spent time and money on sourcing your new appliances, it’s crucial to ensure they’re installed safely and correctly. That’s where we come in! At We Sort It, our team of qualified professionals offer a range of installation services as well as appliance removal.

Picking out new appliances is exciting. But the next step of removing your current appliances and installing your brand new ones can be a major hassle. You also want to ensure that your appliance runs the way it should once it’s installed. At We Sort It, our appliance service experts are eager to help you dispose of dated appliances, install new ones, and run a quality check to ensure they’re in good nick.

No two services are the same. Whether you’re looking for an appliance installer, someone to dispose of your old appliances, or a handyman who can recycle appliance parts, we take care of the hard work for you. From dishwasher installation and washing machine recycling to old appliance removal and whiteware disposal, we sort it all!

Installation and Removal Services Available

Appliance Installation
Appliance Installation
Appliance Disposal
Appliance Disposal
Appliance Recycling
Appliance Recycling
Testing & Quality Assurance
Testing & Quality Assurance
Custom Installation Services
Custom Installation Services

What do you need installed or removed?

Appliance Installation

Nothing beats that brand-new-appliance feeling. Let the pros make sure yours are installed correctly so you don’t have to worry about damages from poor installation. From generic dryer installation to specifics like Samsung dishwasher installation, we’ve got you sorted!

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Appliance Removal

Stuck with a tired, old appliance that needs removing? Don’t worry about hauling it yourself - call on We Sort It! From refrigerator removal and freezer disposal to appliance recycling, we get rid of your unwanted whiteware and work hard to make sure that parts are reused if possible.

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TV Installation

Leave the installation of your new TV to the professionals who will make sure it works well the first time. After all, there’s nothing worse than a glitchy new TV!

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Dishwasher Installation

Make post-meal clean up a breeze with a new dishwasher! Once you’ve picked out your appliance, our tradies can help with the setup. Get in touch with We Sort It to discuss the cost to install a new dishwasher at your place!

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Washing Machine Installation

Professional installation is the way to go if you want to save time, have unusual connections, or a different sized appliance compared to your previous washing machine. Don’t risk washer and dryer repair down the road - call on We Sort It to get it done right! 

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Fridge Installation

These big and bulky appliances can be a pain to install yourself. Call on the experts to place your new fridge. We also offer broken fridge removal and whiteware removal so that you don’t need to worry about getting rid of anything.

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Home Automation Installation

Let us handle your home’s surround sound system, sensored light bulbs, TV aerial installation, security camera installation, and more! Our network of verified professionals are ready to help you create a smarter home.

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What does a standard appliance installation service include?

This service typically includes several steps. First, our technicians ensure your appliance is set in place and connected to existing power sources. If your appliance needs to be connected to water or gas, we handle that as well. We’ll also test your appliance to make sure it’s ready for regular use. Contact our We Sort It team to learn more about your specific appliance installation.

Is it possible to recycle my old washing machine when installing a new one?

Absolutely! Our team prefers to recycle whenever possible. Your technician will assess the condition of your old appliance and recycle whatever parts they can, if not the entire appliance.

Can you remove and dispose of my old refrigerator as part of the installation service?

Reach out to our We Sort It team to learn more about the specific services we offer when it comes to refrigerators. We can certainly add removal and disposal to your free quote.

What do I need to consider before my appliance is installed?

It’s important to measure the space where your new appliance will sit so you ensure it will fit properly. You may also want to protect your floors, especially if the appliance is quite large and needs to be wheeled into your home. Finally, think about what you would like to do with your current appliance. The We Sort It team is happy to help with any recycling or disposal needs.

Do I have to pick up my appliance from the store and transport it home myself?

This factor depends on where you purchased your appliance. You may want to connect with their team and see if they can deliver to your home. From there, our team can proceed with the installation. 

Do I also need an electrician when installing appliances?

Yes, for certain appliances you will need an electrician to reconnect or install the essential wiring. For instance, this is the case with ovens.

How long does a typical appliance installation take?

Depending on the appliance, installations can take between 1 and 3 hours. This would include time for inspection, installation, testing, and potentially getting rid of your existing appliance.

Do you offer custom installation services for appliances that require special fittings or cabinetry modifications?

We sure do! We Sort It offers bespoke services for any appliance that might take a few more steps to install. Get in touch with our team to chat about your custom installation.

Appliance Installation and Removal Service Areas

We Sort It offers Appliance Installation and Removal services in the following locations:

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Appliance Installation and Removal Service AreasAppliance Installation and Removal Service Areas

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