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Lawn Mowing Services

No blade of grass will be left unmowed after the We Sort It team has been to your home. Our lawn mowing services will help to ensure your lawns are the envy of your neighbours, not to mention pitch perfect for any backyard cricket games.

Lawn need mowing? Grass need trimming? Give the team at We Sort It™ a call. Our local lawn mowing services take the hassle out of lawn care and garden maintenance. Despite lawn mowing being a favourite chore among many Kiwis, we don’t always manage to keep our grass in tip top shape. That’s where your local lawn mowing company comes in. They’ll keep on top of it and sort it for you!

Did you know there’s an actual art to mowing lawns? It’s all in the length of the cut, the stroke of the mower, and the tracks in the grass. You wouldn’t go just anywhere to get a haircut, so don’t call just anyone to have your lawns mowed. Call the lawn mowing experts at We Sort It™.

Our grass trimming experts understand what’s required to maintain a pristine lawn, so you don't have to!

Lawn Mowing Services Available

Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing
Residential Mowing
Residential Mowing
Commercial Mowing
Commercial Mowing
Weed Spraying
Weed Spraying
Lawn Edging
Lawn Edging
Sports Fields
Sports Fields

How do you like your lawn mowed?

Lawn Mowing

From petrol-powered to battery-operated, our team and their mowers offer a fabulous lawn service that has your grass looking as fresh as the daisies we’ve just cut! Fast and efficient, but thorough and trusted, at We Sort It™ our lawn mowing service is second to none!

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Lawn Edging

Ever wondered how the neighbours have such perfectly trimmed lawn edges? You’ll never wonder again with the team of We Sort It™ lawn experts on the job! They’ll keep your edges manicured while ensuring grassroots don’t grow over and leave unsightly marks on your pathways.

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Commercial Lawn Mowing

Friendly, fast, efficient, and effective… when it comes to commercial lawns you want the job done and you want it done right! We Sort It™offers commercial lawn mowing and maintenance that has your property up to spec for customers, clients, visitors, and staff. 

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Lawn Care

The best-looking lawns are those that are well cared for. From mowing the grass to trimming the edges, sowing new grass seed, to watering and irrigating routines, the team at We Sort It™ offers local lawn care services that will have your grass greener on the other side.

Ride On Lawn Mowing

Whether it’s the front paddock or the back, the quarter acre section or the lifestyle block, the more grass that grows the more that needs to be mowed. We Sort It™’s ride on lawn mowing service keeps your lawn looking loved.

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Residential Lawn Mowing

For many of us, the lawn is an extension of our living area and it’s certainly a part of our outdoor entertainment space. The team at We Sort It™ offers residential lawn mowing to keep your green space presentable for visitors.

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Lawn Mowing FAQs

Do I need to be home when my lawns are getting mowed?

No, our team are trusted professionals when it comes to mowing lawns and will respect your property as if it were their own. All you need to do is return from a day at work, out running errands, or visiting friends to a lovely mowed lawn.

What happens if it rains on the scheduled day for lawn mowing?

No problem, we can reschedule for the next available date and will make sure we get your lawn mowed before it gets unsightly. If it’s only a light drizzle and the ground isn’t soggy, we may still be able to mow your lawns but our expert team will make that call on the day.

Do lawn mowing services include weed control?

The best lawns don’t have weeds in them, so if yours is populated with unsightly weeds, then we can get them under control with our garden maintenance service offering.

Can you provide one-time lawn mowing services, or is it subscription-based only?

At We Sort It, we provide one-time and subscription-based lawn mowing services. Our team is so great at getting the job done, we think you’ll be coming back for more lawn care and maintenance!

How much does lawn mowing cost?

How long is a blade of grass? The average lawn cutting prices will depend on the size of the lawn that needs to be mowed and it’s current condition. The best place to start is to submit an enquiry using our online form - we can then come out to your property to meet with you, discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

How often should I get the lawns mowed?

Lawns require mowing at different frequencies depending on the season. During spring when there’s lots of lush growth, lawns will likely need to be mowed every 10 to 14 days. The specific frequency depends on factors such as ground moisture and personal preferences for lawn height. During the height of summer, mowing bi-weekly is generally sufficient to maintain the lawn without risking burning the grass tips.

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